You don’t have to be a volunteer firefighter to help improve emergency services in your community – your tax-deductible donations make you a part of the solution.

If you would like to become a volunteer firefighter, or volunteer in a support role, please call (530)389-8244 or write us at AVFA, P. O. Box 1262, Alta, CA 95701.  We'll get right back to you and fill you in on the process, requirements, duties, etc. - everything you need to know to start volunteering with the Alta Fire Protection District.


THANKS to Nestle Waters and Arrowhead for their generous donation  to our CERT team's Hydration Tent at the Dutch Flat 4th of July parade!

All donations are fully tax deductible and will make an immediate difference in our ability to better serve the community and improve public safety.  Your donations buy needed equipment and fund essential training for the volunteers serving the community.  And unlike many charitable donations, 100% of your contribution will go directly to the stated purpose – improving emergency services in your community.

No donations go towards salaries (we are all volunteers) and there are no “administrative” fees or expenses.  All funding will directly improve our ability to deliver the best possible service to the residents and visitors of our community.  

Significant portions of the funds we raise go towards new safety equipment to ensure that we remain in compliance with current health and safety regulations.  This is a costly effort, but it is both necessary for the safety of our firefighters, and required to meet current state and federal safety regulations.

When making your tax-deductible donation, reference the Alta Volunteer Firefighter’s Association Tax ID # 46-1322489.You can make a secure donation through PayPal (click the "Donate" button below), or send a check by mail. To make a donation by mail, send checks to:

Alta Volunteer Firefighter's Association
PO Box 1262
Alta , Ca 95701

We thank you and your community thanks you for your support.  Stop by, visit, and see how your donations are helping to improve the emergency preparedness of the town of Alta and the surrounding communities.  

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