Volunteer Opportunities

The Alta Fire Protection District is inviting residents of all experience levels to volunteer and learn new skills and self-reliance while giving back to their community.  The District is accepting applications for several volunteer positions, including Intern, Volunteer Firefighter, Medical Responder, Cadet, Water-Tender Operator, Support Staff, and the Ladies Auxiliary. 

Intern - Starting Spring 2014, Alta will be starting a new Intern Program to assist with station staffing during the week when our volunteer firefighters are generally out of the district for their full-time jobs.  Initially working one to four 10-hour shifts (8 am to 6 pm) a month, Interns will be expected to respond to emergencies, assist with station and apparatus maintenance, training, public education and inspections.  Qualifying interns will have completed an approved Firefighter I Academy, as well as Basic First Aid, and hold a current CPR card.  A valid Class C driver's license is also required.  Advanced training will be offered in lieu of stipend.  This is a perfect opportunity for those seeking to obtain their service time to meet the California State Fire Marshal's Firefighter I certification requirement and advance their career in the fire service.

Volunteer Firefighters are always needed, and full training will be provided in cooperation with Placer County Fire and Cal Fire. New recruits will attend the up-coming Placer County Volunteer Fire Academy with members of other area fire departments.  This is a demanding position requiring several months of fire and EMS training and a large commitment.  Volunteer firefighters must be physically fit, live within a reasonable distance of the Alta station, attend weekly training sessions, and be able to respond to emergencies on a regular basis. A physical is required (paid for by the district) and uniforms and personal protective equipment are provided.

The position of Medical Responder is a new facet to the department developed to attract volunteers who either already have a background in the medical field or would like to be trained to respond to medical emergencies only.  Medical Responders will receive Basic First Aid and CPR training, plus learn how to use an automatic external defibrillator (AED). They will respond in the patrol vehicle and do not need a special driver’s license, but will receive emergency vehicle training. Uniforms are provided and EMT training is available to qualified applicants.

Non-Firefighter Water Tender Operator is another new position for the fire district. Currently we have a shortage of experienced, qualified drivers for our water tender (tank truck).  These volunteer operators respond to fire incidents where fire hydrants are not available. Water Tender Operators are trained for basic fire scene safety and are equipped with protective gear to operate on any fire incident. This position is intended for well-qualified truck drivers wishing to serve their community by providing their special skills to the fire district without becoming fully trained volunteer firefighters.

CERT  The Alta Fire Protection District Community Response Team is 
a core group of prepared citizens who are available to assist and support the fire department and other public agencies and organizations with disaster preparedness, public events, and community outreach.  They also respond to local disasters and incidents in a non-emergecy capacity to support emergency personnel in accordance with CERT protocols when requested.  CERT members are required to complete a 20-hour CERT Basic Course, Incident Command System and American Red Cross training in Emergency Shelter Set-up Operations and Management.

Support Staff   provide a less demanding, but just as important contribution to the department.  Support members can assist with many routine duties such as fundraising, maintenance and administrative tasks.  Support volunteers also have the opportunity to attend First Aid and CPR training and may assist with emergency functions in a non-emergency capacity. 

Ladies Auxiliary  The main function of the Ladies Auxiliary is running The Attic, a thrift store in the historic fire station building next door to the Alta fire station.  The Attic is open Thursdays from 10 am – 1 pm and all proceeds go directly to the firefighters to supplement training, equipment and other needs beyond the District’s budget.  The Attic also provides a much-utilized service in Alta, recycling clothing, toys, books and household goods in the community and providing a low-cost shopping experience for those who need it.  Sorting and stocking donations takes up most of the Auxiliary’s volunteer hours and a lot of effort goes into three hours of operation every week.  The Attic needs volunteers to keep this service going for the community and is in danger of closing without more Auxiliary members.

The Alta Fire Protection District will accept applications for any of the above positions at any time; however, we are hoping to recruit as many new members as possible before the end of the year to coordinate with the upcoming Placer County Volunteer Fire Academy and the Explorer Program, which are anticipated to start in February 2014 .   For more information on volunteering with the Alta Fire Protection District, please contact (530) 389-8244. 

For US Mail correspondence please send to:

Alta Volunteer Firefighters Association
PO Box 1262
Alta Ca 95701

To leave a voice mail call (530) 389-8244
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