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Mission Statement

The Alta Fire Protection District will strive to provide public safety services, as authorized by the Fire Protection District Law of 1987, in a timely, cost-efficient manner, in order to meet the public safety needs of the District. 


Volunteers Needed

 The Alta Fire Protection District invites residents of all experience levels to volunteer and learn new skills and self-reliance while giving back to their community.  The District is accepting applications for all volunteer positions, including Volunteer Firefighter, Medical Responder, Cadet, Water-Tender Operator, Support Staff, and the Ladies Auxiliary. 


Create a Wildfire Action Plan

Your Wildfire Action Plan must be prepared, and familiar to all members of your household well in advance of a wildfire. Use the checklist below to help create your plan. Each family’s plan will be different, depending on a variety of issues, needs, and situations.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Alta Fire Protection District

33950 Alta Bonny Nook Road, Alta, California 95701, United States

(530) 389-2676